Antonica – Blarton Bumble

For a legendary angler, this guy sure makes a good houseplant. Ran the various chain of quests for him today (finding his lure, scouting soggy holes, finding a fish called Ol’ One Eye and getting worms from a gnoll camp (or something). Pretty simple, although I was about six levels above the intended. Only hairy moments were while running hell for leather through eastern Antonica trailing various combos of bears, wolves, gnolls and scientologi… uh, Dark Coven cultists all aggroing instantly and being too numerous to stop and fight. God bless the /sprint command, although I could use a bit more power so that I don’t keep running out just as I stumble into Grolven Chiptooth or some other heroic mob that can kill me just by thinking about looking in my direction.

For some reason I can’t put my finger on, I’m finding Windstalker Village incredibly annoying to have to keep running to. I don’t know if it’s just badly placed, if it’s the layout of the hills and impassable mountain ranges nearby that keep forcing me to do a roundtrip through all of Antonica’s most deadly locations, or the fact I can’t navigate worth a damn, but the sooner I clear my backlog of WV-related quests the better frankly. The Ol’ One Eye part of the quest seemed a bit pointless really. It’s not like this legendary piece of dinner was hard to find or anything. At least put him in an underwater cave or something. On the plus side, at least it wasn’t just a long series of Kill X Mobtype jobs and I got a pretty good overview of the southern part of Eastern Antonica as a result. Which I’m certain was the intention, but I’ll still have forgotten most of it by tomorrow and end up getting lost again. Hey-ho.