Or digital. Or packet streams, or whatever magic it is that powers the internet and makes the pretty pictures on my screen go ‘pop!’

The short version is that I’m half way through updating my client with all the nuggest of Neriak noodles (badly stretched alliteration for teh win!) when the office net connection does its twice-monthly Britney Spears impression and checks itself out of public life and into a walled-off reservation for some much-needed drying out time. In short, I’m net-less in Seattle (well, London but the rain content to Starbucks outlet ratio is pretty comparable). So with one post under my belt and the entire blogosphere already sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the “difficult second post”, I’m officially apologising for the delay.

I’ve hit the router with a hammer several times so I’m confident of some results fairly quickly and the sparks flying out the back of the thing must indicate some form of life, so fingers crossed!

Don’t expect anything for a few days though. My only EQII access is through work, my home life is presently computer-less due to a bizarre series of accidents involving melted cheese, a moving van and a two-year old with a screwdriver, and it’s a public holiday in these parts on Monday so I won’t be able to create my emo-fae and make the seemingly requisite number of self-harm jokes for EQII bloggers posting on the subject till next week.