Antonica/North Qeynos – Scholar Demini


Ha! My back-mounted stick is way fancier than yours! N00b.

One thing I love about EQII (or, indeed, all MMOs) are the little idiosyncrasies that crop up due to the limitations of the gaming mechanics and the way my increasingly infertile mind interprets them. For instance, running around Antonica like a blue-arsed fly (paging Arsai players) on the Sage Of Ages quest I find myself in the odd position of hunting dozens of wolves and bears and scouring each and every critter den I can find for missing pages of a book. Which just paints the odd mental picture of packs of feral wolves sitting around in a circle discussing the latest works of literature. Maybe they read The Da Vinci Code? Maybe that’s why they’re always so angry?


Damn you, Lassie. How dare you say Asimov’s work will always be a pale shadow of H.G. Wells. Eat pain stick!

Nonetheless, I worked my way through it, covering most of Antonica in the process and picking up scraps of parchment, plenty of canine saliva (pre-packed in handy pouch-friendly bottles for your convenience!) and the odd piece of gnoll appendage, which helped immensely with my Know Your Cuts Of Gnoll Meat Lore & Legend quest (or whatever it’s called).

Also managed to pick up two Achievment Points along the way, which have gone into the Brawler tree and leave me needing one more to unlock some fancy-dan, kick-ass kung fu move or another that will flatten all around me like something out of a Jackie Chan chair-throwing movie.

Ultimately though, it’s left me with an obvious path into Thundering Steppes and at level 22 I think it might finally be time to leave the rolling fields and picnic spots of Antonica behind me once and for all. If only I wasn’t obssessed with clearing every last quest in my journal before I go. Hell, I’ve still got some Down Below greyed-out jobbies to take care of at some point and the anal retentive in me just can bring myself to delete them. So TS and the Sage of Sega will have to wait for now. There are some Shrillers and Bloodsaber Adepts with my name on them.


Running, always running. Good luck Doctor David Bannah!