So now I’m short and stretched horizontally? Richard Simmons, I need you NOW!

So, it’s been a while. How you all doing? Good, thought as much. The twenty-second version is basically: overloaded at work/new computer at home/complete reinstall needed/Vista a bit of a pain but not so bad once you get used to it.

Thus my EQII’ing has been limited to the brief lunchtime office session and watching the ‘Estimated download time’ indicator on the home PC’s launchpad window run through its bipolar dance of random number generating. Only two hours to go? Great… no wait, four hours twenty five minutes… no, nine hours and seven minutes. Wait, now it’s down to one hour fifteen, oh, no, wait, seven days, three hours and thirty-four minutes… wait, two minutes twenty, no, it’s done. Oh, no, sorry, it’ll now be finished sometime within this year, early 2008 at the latest. Wait, now it’s saying I have to actually travel back through time to 1773 and re-install from the original discs…

Anyway, we finally got there and now my dwarven monk (I know, odd choice but then have you ever seen a little fella kick off in real life? It seemed the natural way to go somehow) is back in business on a glorious top-end ‘ninja’ PC, fully-Vista’d to the nth degree, dual-core’d to a degree somewhere just beyond that one, and sporting a snazzy widescreen display to boot. And Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick, if it doesn’t look pretty damn tasty as a result.

Quest-wise, I’m mostly through with all the Vermin’s Snye, Scholar Demini and Rask Heltsot (or however it’s spelt) stuff so far and I’m now bristling with tasks that will ‘introduce’ me to Thundering Steppes. I also managed to see off the accursed pwn machine that was Renux The Undying who’d been laughing off my attempts to kill him in much the same way as Rotweed had in my early teens.

Seriously, unless I can start getting my grouping thang into groove (big daddy), I seem to be stuck in the loop of having to wait until these big name bad guys are just grey to me before I can stand a chance of getting near them. Unless there’s some great combat tactic I’m unaware of – entirely likely given my inability to really be able to explore the 20-30 side of the game in any depth lately. I know I need to work on my heals. All I’ve got is the next-to-useless Mend right now, which is like trying to stave off the effects of having your head decapitated by taking a couple of asprin and going for a bit of a lie down. Maybe potions of some sort?

Also, along with just about everyone else it seems from the straining noises emanating from SOE’s server room in San Diego, I sucummbed…


Pretty, but one gust of wind and I’ll end up miles away. 

I’m still surprised to this day that I managed to nab the name Faewray for my Fae templar before some other wag got in there. Nothing so fancy here though (SOE’s filter-o-tron was ridiculously effective against all my childish ‘arse’-related name choices), so I just went with my daughter’s name instead (and no, it isn’t my password for anything anywhere). Only a level 2 coercer, since I hadn’t ever tried that, but if you see me on Kithicor, say hello.