I think I’ve finally given up on Antonica (cue: wild applause and back slapping from the learned). One thing that always stops me from making too much progress in any MMO I dare grace with my esteemed presence, is that I’m forever changing my goals. One day I’m determined to crack the crafting nut and set out with my many bags to the nearest tier-friendly hunting spot, gathering nuts aplenty. The next I’m seized with a desire to power level my way to Win city by farming whatever mob happens to rear its head (so long as it poses no real threat, can be easily dealt with before my own health drops to below 80% and doesn’t have sharp, pointy teeth for the biting and the gnawing and oyyyyy, glavin!).

My latest bête noire – I really wish I could just sometimes, you know, play the game for itself – was to try and heroically (in my mind) finish EVERY LAST DAMN QUEST ANTONICA HAS TO OFFER. Damn OCD. A combination of the EQ2I wiki and the EQ2 Questlist websites saw me in good stead regarding direction, and I’d managed to reach a level with The Littlest Hob… er, Monk that I could safely handle whatever the East and West could throw at me without too much pain and suffering and nightmares waking me at 3am. I suck at games.

First step, clearing the backlog of Far Seas Requisition Forms cluttering my quest journal like dusty relics of a more innocent time when hope and optimism filled my life, twin beacons of benevolence and happiness guiding my path and seeing me right. Now they were just grey annoyances that must be taken to the mouth of the volcano and dispatched with tremendous haste and extreme prejudice. A spate of animal genocide later and that was that. Between me and Lara Croft, it’s a wonder any animals ever sign up for video game duty at all. Natural ecosystem be damned. Take that Mother Nature!

Next up, the ‘Dancer’ mini quest line by the Claymore Memorial, by dint of it being first in the alphabetical list of uncompleted quests. So whose bright idea is it to make a quest that involves killing seven of a specific gnoll type of which only one spawns per day/night cycle? I know, I know. Mob camping. Old a concept as the MMO hills, but I thought we were getting past all those old sores these days? Not as painful as I was fearing though and with the ability to distract myself with real-life work while perched atop a rocky outcrop waiting for the spawn, we were swiftly done.

About then was when I took another look at the quest list in front of me and begun to realize the absolute folly of this chosen stone around the neck. Over sixty still to go and me nearing the upper regions of tier 3 and frankly I think I’ve just about had enough of this green and pleasant (and somewhat too widespread) land.


Oi, piss off. This is my dramatic ‘leaving home’ montage.

So I find myself contemplating life in Butcherblock Mountains, the thinking going that if I can’t complete every quest a zone has to offer, I might as well opt for a zone that still matches the level range I’m in, has some sort of lore-based connection with my chosen race, and is part of the ‘new’ content so that I’m not stuck in aging, ‘first-draft’ areas but in a place that other people actually seem to inhabit. To the Thundering Steppes I go! There’s a boat with my name on it.


My new home, some damp patches.