Gosh, what are you doing here? Thought this place was boarded up ages ago. Could do with a bit of a clean, couldn’t it? Dust and cobwebs everywhere. Blimey…

Yeah sorry, I kind of let this place go to pot a bit didn’t I? ‘Nuts’ was actually created with a specific intention – although I never quite made it clear on the site previously, I am/was actually the editor of EQuinox, the official EQII magazine that you may or may not have heard about elsewhere – and this site was initially started in order to explore the world of EQII bloggers for a feature in a future issue. I never expected to carry on with it for more than about a month or so. Except that I started to really enjoy the daily chronicling of my Norrathian exploits, and even if the viewing figures barely peaked double figures on a good day, it was fun to keep it up. In fact, that one day when the WordPress dashboard indicated over 70 people had logged on and read the story of my ship-boarding calamities, I nearly had a heart attack. 🙂

The pressures of magazine production take their toll however, and with each issue’s print deadlines looming, the site naturally took a breather as I concentrated my daily efforts into making the final pages as good as possible instead. Then with the currently extended hiatus for what was going to be a frankly stunning issue 3 (if I do say so myself) and a doubtful future to work out, I sadly let my EQII playing slide a bit. Plus I started getting into Pirates of the Burning Sea, a bit of EVE Online (I also work on the official magazine for that one, E-ON), PKR.com (poker’s an old passion and I’m trying to win enough money to buy the fourth edition D&D gamebooks!) and, oddly, Crysis (almost finished it now). So my attention to the site waned as I didn’t think I could really keep it up and/or contribute anything useful to the already-crowded bloggysphere.

But then something unusual happened. A couple of nights ago I casually logged back on, purely out of a sense of havingnothingbettertodoness, joined the AB server and rolled a brand new healer, a Templar (a class genre I’ve never really explored much before), started out in Kelethin, went through ten levels in one session and suddenly it hit me:


Seriously, why did I ever stop? The Living Legacy promotion certainly seems to be having the desired effect of bringing players back to the game – the zone was as packed with new toons as I could ever remember an EQII zone being, the chat channels more active with friendly discourse and idle musings than at any time in memory, and the overall sense was one of a world on the up, an MMO with an actual future ahead of it – something that I think we EQII veterans have all, in our heartiest of hearts, started to think nervously about just lately.

So, I’m going to stick with it again, that goes for the blog too. I can’t guarantee to update it daily, or to fill it with the pretty pictures I used to (I always used to keep forgetting to take screenshots at appropriate moments and ended up having to try my best to recreate the situations to illustrate my tales in the past – I know, I know. Don’t let daylight in on magic and all that…), but I’ll do my best to let you know how I get on with young Dr. Prezzlewick, old dwarf vet Prezzer or any of the other two dozen alts I have running around the various servers using names that have some variation of Prezzer in them (it’s an old habit I can’t shake, that and giving all of my characters ginger hair), and bring you whatever thoughts I can as they occur to me. I may throw in other game references here and there, but this is mainly an EQII blog and I’ll do my best to stick to the topic at hand. I owe you, my audience, that much at least.

All seven of you. Ahem…