New characters come and new characters go, but those that get blogged about at least have a vague chance at a state of semi-permanence around here. So with that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Dr. Prezzlewick M.D. (Many Deaths):

“Take two of these every hour and if you’re still alive in the morning we’ll try something else.”

Not much to report on as yet, other than a nice and speedy progress through the early ranks and the starter chain of quests in the Kelethin area being explored. I’m liking the healing powers a lot and there definitely seems to be a lot more in the way of ‘decent’ loot being dropped by low-level mobs these days (three orcs in a row dropped stat-filled helms, for instance).

I’m going to try and rush him up to 30 as I’ve yet to take a character past there. I’m also going to go all-out in pursuit of guild membership and pick-up grouping. I don’t take up much room, won’t get in the way, am fully-house trained and are quite content to just sit at the back and fling out healing spikes as needed.