I gather that America recently celebrated International Thank God You’re Not British Day or something (which, given our truly, truly words-fail-me godawful public transport systems, rampant knife-crime culture stretching even into our nurseries and day cares, dependence on reality/freak TV shows for any sense of self-worth, and inexplicable addiction to publically insisting we’re any good at various ball sports that all possible evidence indicates to the contrary, I can fully understand, if not exactly patriotically get behind). It was also Malawian and Venezuelan Independence Day (whatever else you may think of him, Chavez throws one hell of a good party), Filipino-American Friendship Day (play nice), and tomorrow sees Tanabata, the Japanese Star Festival in which two astral lovers kept apart for the whole year by the Milky Way are allowed one day to be together… bow-chikka-wow-wow…

Meanwhile, Norrath is celebrating what I can only assume is an upcoming crossover with the Half-Life universe thanks to all these portal storms and I for one am already prepping myself for my epic crowbar weapon questline. Truthfully though, I love these so-called ‘live events’ in-game, another sign that there’s plenty of life and ongoing dedication for the game (do I really sound that much of a cheerleader? Oh well…) and constant freshness in the game is always something to be applauded. One of the guys on the Massively podcast said it best recently in a comment about how workers and scaffolding have suddenly appeared in one of WOW’s areas (I don’t honestly know the game that well so forgive the lack of details), indicating that an upcoming game patch will introduce a new dockside area. Rather than just springing a whole city expansion on you, you lead into it by showing it being built – all helping to keep the immersion factor alive and strong. The whole thing with the Plane of Fear in a previous EQII update – with the gates being unearthed prior to going live – was another good example.

I think it’s that ‘immersion factor’ that led me to starting Prezzlewick on the AB server rather than elsewhere. I’d like to have the option to dip into being ‘in character’ now and then, to really get into the world and its story, and AB seemed the best place to do that without being pointed at by people and chased out of town with sticks for being strange.

I also love the fact that the players themselves on AB (and LdL) organise and run ‘events’ of their own, be it a simple tavern night to a full-on ‘adventure’. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m hankering towards the fourth edition D&D books for an upcoming gaming night, the first time I’ll have DM’d a pen-and-paper game in about ten to fifteen years and the whole idea of ‘creating’ and ‘character’ is very strong with me right now and to see it working online is immensely appealing.

Anyway, not much point to the above. I was going to go into a whole routine about ‘In-Game Holidays I’d Like To See’, but after a Freeportian version of Pamplona’s running of the bulls (using hungry wargs and a generous helping of barbeque sauce), I got hungry and started to think about other things instead. Maybe another post down the line.