Only a quick interim update, but having just viewed the exciting happenings shown at Allakhazam I’d just like to say “Kudos, sir. Kudos.” to whoever made the design decision at SOE to put the little dock workers into the game, furthering that whole ‘immersion’ factor that I alluded to back in this post. I’m not going to speculate on how the guild halls themselves are going to work, although I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get snooty guild butlers that open the main doors to visitors and treat your guests with barely disguised contempt.

Also, many congratulations to Kiara on the new job as Community Manager. I’ve only had the briefest of encounters with her when commissioning articles for EQuinox, but she seems like a great choice – always helpful and friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the game and defintiely, as in keeping with a lot of SOE’s recent EQII hirings, a fan favourite having been a favourite fan. If that makes sense. All power to you!