As promised several blog posts ago, a list of International Holidays EQII Should Add To Its In-Game Events <applause>…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19th
A no-brainer for most, this is perhaps the most widely celebrated geek festival outside Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday. Simple server-side scripts add ‘Yarr!’ to the front of everything typed into the chat window, and replaces every occurrence of ‘you’ with ‘ye’ in the game. All class pets are replaced with parrots for the day (and a special quest line rewards participants with an in-house parrot), and quest rewards are paid in doubloons. Ironically, anyone playing Pirates Of The Burning Sea today will be able to celebrate International Talk Like A Faux-Medieval Knight day instead.

International Civil Aviation Day – December 7th
Griffon races, Freestyle Levitation exhibitions, and a temporary loan of that giant airship that floats around Atlas Park in City of Heroes to give people tourist rides around popular raid zones. Fun for all the family!

No Pants Day – First Friday in May
This one has a precedent as in 2008 the first virtual No Pants Day was held in the online golf game, Shot-Online (you’re all big fans of Korean Virtual Golf role-playing games, right?). Utilising the Emperor’s New Clothes armour set on offer from the current Portal Storms quest reward giver, this is a mandatory day of walking around sans pantaloons, in order to level the playing fields, put night elf males into catatonic shock around their home towns as the lady elves shake their thang, and will help to find out just which mighty Guardians and Paladins are overcompensating with their talk of impressive DPS parsers. Additional bonus: Queen Antonia doesn’t have to change from her normal wardrobe!

International Day of Non-Violence – October 2nd
Can you imagine that one? I realise PvP servers might suddenly become like ghost towns (more so), but imagine a day where not a single creature is killed, all auto-aggro is removed, weapons are rendered powerless (but retain the fancy visual effects for the hell of it) and crafting actually becomes a valid pastime (just kidding, just kidding).

World Dance Day – April 29th
Ho yes! Bring. It. On. City streets filled with /emoting NPCs getting on up, getting on down again, moving to the grooving and serving notice on the funk. Adapting the ‘dance moves’ puzzle from the Halloween house last year, quest lines see you having to impress judges with your rhythm action prowess in exchange for boots filled with magical goldfish and ermine-lined cloaks. Blackburrow is temporarily neutralised and turned into a giant goblin rave zone, and PvP fighting is replaced with guild ‘dance-offs’. You like that? Cos that’s the way it is. Healing Word to your mother!