Should I be concerned that the predominent search term that leads people towards these insane ramblings (according to the Blog Stats anyway) is ‘Epic Fail’? It points back to a prior article on naval mishaps (one of my most popularly read until just recently – but only as there was a massive server update going on at the time and people needed alternative EQII outlets) and the fact I labelled one of the pictures with the infamous term.

I also get a lot of hits for ‘Davy Jones’, so I can only assume there’s a large contingent of dyslexic Monkees fans viewing these pages, to whom I say “Hello! How you doing? They didn’t play their own instruments, you know?”

Edit: Also, it appears I’m the number one Google hit for the term ‘Jellyfinger’. To all those of you that arrive here as a result of that searching for that one, I can only apologise. I’m sure one of the other Google results will be more to your taste. Ahem…