Experiment Time! Ever concious of the boundary-pushing nature of other, some say better, EQII blogs, I figured I might as well try and put into practice a little idea that’s been floating around the old noggin for a short while now. I call it Live Blogging. Or Insta-Reports. Or Immedi-o-Diary. Nah, Live Blogging will do.

Basically, while most blogs gladly tell you all about the fun and hijinks their authors get up to in game, these are always ‘after-action reports’, as the military according to Tom Clancy books would call them. That’s all well and good, but it just isn’t instant enough, dammit! So instead, Live Blogging brings you the action AS IT HAPPENS… almost.

I’ll be running EQII in a window with the WordPress post editor running in the background. As I play, I write, letting you see all the intense, thrilling, edge-of-the-seat action as I encounter it, with barely a few minutes delay as I type the bloody thing out. Or I might be crafting. Whatever. I guess we’ll see what happens.

So, with the time approaching 10pm here in good old England town, let us log in and begin tonight’s instalment of… Nuts In Norrath (filmed in front of a live studio audience).

10.01 – Ah, a patch. Well that’s off to a good start. Doesn’t look like it’ll take long though. At least it gives me the chance to say I’ll be playing as Dr. Prezzlewick on the Antonia Bayle server.

10.04 – In at last and… what’s this? Voice Chat tutorial? Sigh. Not exactly the thrill-a-minute opening I’d hoped for.

10.06 – Hmm, for some reason I’m in Antonica, not Greater Faydark? Oh right, last time I was on I came to see the Guild Hall construction site and got sidetracked fighting some gnolls for a poet. Better get back to my rightful home via a teleport guy.

10.10 – Ah, my first fight of the night. Wrong turning in Antonica and stumbled over a gnoll pup thing. Easy to defeat but it dropped a chest that offered a Far Seas Trading Requisition quest thing. No way, long time readers may remember I spent far too long in this neck of the woods with my Dwarven Monk doing those blasted things. Never again, no way.

10.12 – Another gnoll attack, another quest-giving chest item. Bootstrutter’s Tour of Antonica. LEAVE ME ALONE you wretched land. I just want to get home. Stop trying to drag me back in…

10.16 – I should try and see if I can take some pictures as I go to break the flow of all this text. So, here’s one of me in Antonica doing the right thing…

and then one of me back where I belong…

10.22 – Okay, Kelethin. Quick check of the quest logs and I see I need to kill some Crushbone Footmen for some reason. Okay, that sounds exciting, off I go…

10.26 – Okay, still running around Kelethin. Realised I was heading to completely the wrong end of the city for the Orcs and got lost trying to find my way back again. Sigh. In the end I jumped off, floated down and am proceeding on land.

10.29 – I should point out I’m taking the interior decorator route for crafting with Prezzlewick, and am at the stage where a maple bookshelf is enough of a challenge. Consequently I’m stopping at every overgrown tree root trying to find tuber strands, regardless of whether they’re harvesting nodes or just scenery. It might take some time to get all the way to the orcs at this rate. Sorry.

10.40 – Sorry, that took a while, couldn’t help myself with those nodes. Anyway, found the orcs and started fighting, only to realise after ploughing through four of them that these are Conscripts, not Footmen, Thought it was a bit easy. Oh well, let’s see if I can get further up the road without dying.

10.47 – Okay, I’ve been threading my way carefully through the conscripts (they’re still aggroing me) to get up the footmen but these guys all seem to come in groups. This will be tricky…

10.52 – Fighting three at once. Not going well…

10.55 – Wow! Somehow I made it out of that. Took the track of just focussing on my heals and Cure to stop the bleeding attacks and letting my guy just hit standard melee attacks. Got hairy and was down to about 2mm of HP on the bar, but somehow managed to drop all three before I went to an early grave. Time to find a safe spot and rest.

11.01 – Okay, climbed a tree and found a rest spot.

Forgot that I also had the Tuathil/Orc quest line going. Currently I need to get some water from the Orc pond. Which I’m guessing is that one over there surrounded by nasty things with teeth. This is going to take some careful planning.

11.05 – Oh, that was easier than I was thinking. Quite an empty path through the nasty things and luckily the Greater Ooze didn’t mind me nicking a bit of fluid.

Now to see if I can get back…

11.10 – Okay, three footmen and I complete the quest. Almost died on the last round, let’s see if luck is with me still. ATTACK!!!

11.15 – Yes! Did it, took out another three, got the required eight and just managed to stay alive. Also managed to fix a typo above with ‘ont he’ as helpfully pointed out by my good lady wife who appears to be cheering from the sidelines with a dictionary. Thanks hon! Love you! 🙂

11.23 – Woot! As I believe you young people say. Not only got a nice Oracle armguard for completing the mad dwarf’s quest…

… but also managed to get an Achievement Point for completing the water sample quest! I seem to get hit by a lot of Trauma DOTs, so I’m going to pick the Templar reactive counter to that and see how it fares.

11.29 – Okay, it looks like the next two levels of quests in those two lines are a bit too tough for me to think about tonight. Especially as it’s getting closer to midnight and I have to get to work in the morning. Instead, I’m going to head off and try to find those damn tuber strands. Cannot find them anywhere in Greater Fey so if anyone can point me in the right direction (assuming anyone is insane enough to actually  be reading this live), either through a comment on the blog or in-game, I’d be much appreciated. I really want that bookcase before I log off for the night.

11.43 – Nope, no tuber strands. The only thing close is roots but that’s not going to cut it. And time to call it a night. Not a bad haul. Two quests, a nice bit of armour and an AP that I think I wasted as it didn’t seem to work

But more importantly, an experiment in blogging that seemed to go off without too much hassle. My apologies that the adventures themselves weren’t particularly exciting, I’ll have to see if I can manage to do this in a group situation next time. But that would involve being in a group and I’m still not quite used to all that yet. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this little diversion and if you did happen to be following it live, let me know in the comments if there’s some way I could improve things. Other than being a better player that is…