I’ve joined a guild!

An actual guild!

With, like, other people and everything!

I say ‘joined’. What actually happened was a quick lunch time at work session saw me porting back to Antonica (again) as I’ve recently hit 20 with Prezzlewick and wanted to start up the Armour Quest line. After being annoyed that I couldn’t set my recall point next to that Ian chappie in Qeynos Harbour because I’m not a citizen of the mighty Q but instead am a dirty filthy foreigner from those parts of the world where they talk funny, have strange eating habits and don’t watch the same television programs as we do, I set off in a rage to the far side of El Lando Mucho Verde, quite forgetting that I could have jumped on a griffon to save plenty much time (idiot), and eventually started laying waste to Caltorsis knights, clerics and mages (being able to use my handy undead smiting powers for the first time since I got them – what a worthwhile investment of AA points that one proved to be – although combined with a Masters Strike ability against skellingtons I was dropping those boney f****rs in next to no time despite being an almost equivalent level).

As well as dinging 21 (go me!), and getting halfway through the required amount, I also chewed up most of my lunch hour at work, and was reluctantly just preparing to log off when I noticed a /tell sitting in my chat box that I’d overlooked. A guild invite, from somebody called Pihkal, asking if I’m looking for like-minded fellows to journey with.

Maybe it was because I was curious. Maybe because I was hungry (I forwent a sandwich to get as much gaming in as possible during the sixty allotted minutes). Or maybe because sitting at the next computer to me was our resident designer (the one that made EQuinox look so good) playing a lvl70 Warcraft character with a bunch of his mates and looking like he was having a whale of a time. Either way, I quickly asked about guild size to make sure I wasn’t about to be made Vice President (marketing, East Coast) by default and curiosity piqued, I accepted his offer and was promptly being greeted by the numerous fellow members of…

No Charge For Awesome!

Of whom I am now one.I felt a bit bad as no sooner had I said hello then I had to say goodbye as lunch hour was up. Still, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully something akin to this. Wish me luck!