My not-so frequent updates will become even less so for the next two weeks or so as I’m about to jet off on holiday for a fortnight to the golden fabled land of Japan to see the wife’s family. Paradoxically for a country that is by all measurable standards living in the future of us all, my technology access levels will actually be severly limited while there – precious little internet near where I’m going, so my thoughts on the election, the EQII expansion and whatever else springs to mind will have to wait.

Not that I seem to have been playing m uch EQII lately as it is. Not by choice, I hasten to add. Even though I haven’t logged on since before the guild halls went live (I know, I know), I still remain as firmly convinced that this is the single best fantasy MMO out there by miles and will be returning shortly after I get back. I blame pressures of work and the addiction to the beta test of Football Manager Live.

Anyway, have fun, see you on my return, and I’ll be sure to take loads of photos of the giant robots and post them as soon as. Because we all know there’s nothing more fun that sitting through someone else’s holiday snaps… even if they do feature random Godzilla attacks and cosplay girls.