It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  A couple of half-hearted attempts at travel comedy notwithstanding, it’s just been damned hard to find either time or, indeed, energy to sit down and dictate something to be entered by the team of faithful manservants I have on hand to carry out my earthly whims at any given moment.

Life has been busy, both work and personal, some good, some great, some devastatingly terrible and some nerve-shatteringly tense, not in that order. But the one overriding reason behind the lack of wit, banter and anecdotal amusements is simply this – I haven’t been playing EverQuest II since some time last year.

Not that I haven’t been logging in. It’s just that when I have done, due to a certain highly classified work assignment I’d been… er, assigned to, I’d headed straight to the insular world of Legends of Norrath rather than the adventures of the wilds. I’ve been knee-deep in card games of all persuasions for a good few months now and really getting into LoN. Shame more people aren’t playing it, or that it isn’t a real-world card game as it would be a great way to pass time with friends as well as build the EQ brand recognition a bit more.

I’ve also been heavily invested in Football Manager Live, but that’s a whole other story…

Anyway, no real EQII + busy life = no updates. I do have some time on my hands coming up for the next few months however so I have to answer the question, do I carry on with this blog/EQII or bid adieu and explore the more instant world of Twitter and Facebook status updates?

I would like to carry on playing but I just can’t seem to ever get beyond the late 20s in any character I try, whether through choice or just fate playing silly buggers with my life. Even joining a guild last time round didn’t manage to get me to the magical 30 and to be honest, I’ve been gone so long from them that I missed the opening of a new guild hall and would feel somewhat guilty about heading back and reaping the undoubted benefits of others’ hard work.

This blog has veered somewhat from its initial conception – a sample experiment to support a never-published article about EQII Bloggers in the never-published third issue of EQuinox. Back then, every post carried links to humorous YouTube videos as I felt that every good blog has a ‘hook’ and that would be mine. Trouble is, the well of Vic and Bob/old school Brit TV comedy ran dry pretty quickly so I abandoned that idea as soon as it became tiresome to to maintain.

As my EQII playing has dried up, so has my ability to steer a solid course for the blog. Lately it was veering off in all sorts of directions: other games, real-world events, socio-politico commentary (sort of). I haven’t really been ‘going nuts in Norrath’ for a good long while now, giving a lie to both the title of these ramblings and my reason for writing.

I’m not saying I’m giving up. If nothing else, this post will keep the WordPress auto-cancelling wolves from the door for a while longer. And given my coming free time, I may well get back into the game and jot down some writings once more. But should I be writing about other games (including an upcoming tabletop D&D session I’ve got scheduled)? And if so, can the title easily be changed within WordPress’ labyrinthine ‘dashboard’? I guess only time will tell…