Hmm, yes… well, I doubt mine is the first blog to suffer neglect due to the behemoth that is Twitter. I’ve not had much to say lately that hasn’t been able to be encapsulated in the brief medium of 140 characters, plus I haven’t touched EQII for months. I have been playing a lot of Free Realms mind you, trying to determine whether my four-year old is competent enough yet to be able to enjoy it (that’s my excuse anyway!). She’s perfectly au fait with the flash-style games on (or anyway) but I can’t help that think the slightly more advanced pace of FR, plus the need to read quest texts and display the kind of patience that four-year olds aren’t generally known for, makes me think otherwise. We’ll see I guess. Meantime, if you see a Prezzer in there (or in any game really), that’s going to be me, so say Hi and we’ll ‘research’ (ahem) some quests together!